Top Tips for Finding the Best Used Tesla Model 3 Deals

Many buyers of premium electric cars are looking at used Tesla Model 3s. These are great options because they open Tesla ownership to those who can’t afford a new one.

These cars also tend to depreciate less than new cars. But finding a good deal takes patience and knowing what to look for.

Look for a Model 3 with Full Self Driving

Focusing your search on vehicles already equipped with Full Self Driving Capability is a good idea. While you can upgrade your Model 3 with FSD by buying the hardware and software (a “Full Self Driving Capability” upgrade), finding a used Tesla that already has it fitted is generally more cost-efficient.

You can do this by looking at sites where the sellers are knowledgeable enough to explain what is included. Other websites often waste a lot of space telling you things that are standard on all cars, such as power windows, and they don’t tell you whether or not a vehicle has FSD.

If you want a fully upgraded car, you can get great deals on new-to-you 2019 Standard Range Plus Model 3s that have FSD enabled or pre-registered demo models that have it fitted. These are typically a couple of years old, have low mileage, and represent fantastic value for a car that costs new. That’s less than many premium manufacturers are charging for their SUVs with similar tech, such as the Hyundai e-Niro and Jaguar I-Pace.

Look for a Model 3 with Autopilot

If you’re shopping for a used Tesla Model 3 for sale, look for one equipped with Autopilot. Tesla’s ADAS system has been shown to reduce crashes by 40%, so it’s well worth the additional cost.

You can find a Model 3 with Autopilot on the single-motor RWD Standard Range Plus and the dual-motor AWD Long Range and Performance models. Depending on your needs, you may need a vehicle with Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self Driving capability, which are optional upgrades.

It’s important to remember that premium vehicles tend to depreciate quicker than other cars. This is especially true for electric vehicles like the Model 3. It’s also worth remembering that a car under warranty will have a lower depreciation rate than a car that’s not. This makes buying a used Tesla even more appealing. In addition to the reduced initial purchase price, you’ll save money on repairs and maintenance. This could add up to a significant amount over the lifetime of your car. Most people can provide users with competitive quotes from 50+ top insurance providers in less than 45 seconds.

Look for a Model 3 with Enhanced Autopilot

Tesla’s simplest Autopilot comes standard with every Model 3, but two additional tiers of autonomy are available for a cost. Those two options, Full Self Driving and Enhanced Autopilot allow the car to match its speed to traffic conditions, merge on and off highways, change lanes without driver input, and even park itself.

The good news is that anyone owning a Model 3 can add FSD and EAP for half the post-purchase price. This is an excellent way for someone to experience the best of what the electric car world offers without spending a fortune on a new model.

Another good option is to look for a used Tesla on sites. The site does an excellent job of weeding out the best Model 3 deals, and you can also get a better idea of the car’s history, including any previous owner upgrades or repairs. You can also see the owners’ MyTesla account to check the charging status and other details. This is one of the safest ways to buy a used Tesla.

Look for a Model 3 with Enhanced Navigation

Tesla’s navigation display is one of the best in the industry and can show you the location of all of your car’s charges (though not the whole battery level). It also includes a feature that shows where the nearest Supercharger is, allowing you to plan your travels accordingly.

The navigation system is controlled through a 15.0-inch touchscreen centered in the cabin. It may take some time to get used to this setup, but it’s capable of over-the-air updates that add new features.

Look for a Model 3 with enhanced navigation to avoid the hassle of using the features on your own. Plus, if you purchase a Model 3 with FSD, the navigation upgrade will be included for life. That’s a great deal for owners who want to enjoy the benefits of FSD without the need to pay monthly or annual fees. This is only possible if you buy from a dealer who understands this and correctly lists the vehicle with FSD enabled. If you find a dealer who incorrectly lists a car as having FSD, ask for a refund or an additional discount.

Look for a Model 3 with Enhanced Safety

When it first arrived, the Model 3 was heralded as the start of a new wave of electric cars that you didn’t have to be mega-rich to afford. While you still won’t find a brand-new Tesla that costs under, the used market is making the Model 3 much more affordable than it once was.

Whether you opt for the entry-level Standard Range Plus Model or the ferocious Performance version, there’s no denying that the Model 3 offers the best electric car performance and range value. Even the entry-level version is rapid and will embarrass exotic supercars in a straight line while delivering best-in-class comfort.

You can improve your chances of finding a good deal on a used Tesla Model 3 by looking for one upgraded with the latest Over-the-Air software upgrades. These are free updates that Tesla regularly releases for its vehicles, and they can deliver improved performance, better connectivity, and even bug fixes. Be sure to ask a seller when the last time the 12V battery was changed as well.

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