Chinese Wealth Ship Guide (Feng Shui & Meaning)

The Chinese wealth ship is a popular Feng Shui symbol commonly found as a decoration in Asian houses and offices. It is mostly used by wealthy and successful people in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and countries in Southeast Asia.

The wealth ship is believed to help increase the owner’s fortune. It is also believed to assist the owner in achieving success and protect them from bad luck and their business competitors.

The Chinese wealth ship is available in a variety of designs and materials. The ship can be combined with many other symbols as a feng shui cure. These being Chinese lucky coins, the red envelope, golden ingots, and many more.

We’ll go over all you need to know about the Chinese wealth ship, including its history, meaning, and how to use it as a Feng Shui symbol.

Wealth Ship Feng Shui Positioning

wealth ship feng shui

Considering location and direction when placing, it is so important for its Feng Shui cure effect.

The placement is critical in order to get its benefits as both a fortune charm and a protection ward. In fact, if you can’t find the right location for the ship for whatever reason, it is advisable to not have it at all.

The wrong positioning of the Chinese wealth ship may not only nullify its good benefits but may also have unwanted consequences.

Key aspects to consider the best location in home or office

  • Direct the wealth ship to sail into the home rather than away from it. This is highly essential in indicating that the ship will bring money into the house rather than away from it.
  • When you place it in a room with a door in the corner, you should place the ship diagonally across from the door. Ships with a center door can be placed in any corner across from the door.
  • Place the ship in the corner of your living room with right-angled walls only without any doors or windows near it.
  • If you can’t find the perfect location as mentioned above, check the corner opposite the primary location as the second best option.
  • You can place one in both corners of your living room if both corners are ideal.
  • You can place it on your desk in your office by following the rules mentioned. This placement will help you with your career and protect you from any obstacles at work.
  • Place the it away from the kitchen and bathroom, as it may draw bad luck instead.
  • Make sure the location has good lighting and is spacious enough. This represents a bright future full of good opportunities.
  • Another good location for the ship is the house’s sheng chi sector. To determine your sheng chi direction, you must calculate your Feng Shui Kua number.
  • Displaying the wealth ship at your shop/business will help draw in more clients if you are a retail store.

The History of the Chinese Wealth Ship and its Meaning 

A sailing ship is a symbol of abundance in many cultures, including Chinese culture. The Chinese believe that winds and waters bring money and luck. Thus, the Chinese Money Ship has a similar connotation to Feng Shui: it represents wealth, vitality, and richness floating into your life.

Many people use many Chinese wealth ships to generate different streams of income.

Ships were the main transportation for treasures and gold in ancient China. As a result, ships have become a famous symbol of prosperity and abundance. The Chinese ship is the second most popular Feng Shui symbol in Chinese culture after the dragon. 

Many Chinese ships returned to China following successful expeditions in the 18th and 19th centuries. The ships were delivering jewelry, gold, and treasures. The Chinese wealth ship provides wealth, luck and long-term prosperity as a Feng Shui cure or enhancer.

The Chinese wealth ship is often laden with other wealth symbols such as gold coins, gold ingots, gems, precious stones, and so on. The ornament has symbols of sails, water, and wind that have their own meanings as described further below.

Buying a Chinese Wealth Ship

When buying a Chinese wealth ship, make sure you choose a trading cargo ship model, not a warship. Ornaments are also commonly found on the market. But the wealthy ship should not have firearms or cannons.

You can get a wealth ship with both a metal and a wood body. But if the metal is your wealth element, you should choose a metal ship. You can choose any model and size you desire but bear in mind that the larger the ship, the more space it will take up in your home and the more precious items it will require to fill it.

The following are the precious items you can consider to fill the ship with:

  • Chinese/Feng Shui lucky coins
  • Real gold
  • Gold ingots
  • Precious stones such as jade, sapphire, onyx, etc.
  • Red envelopes filled with money
  • Jewelry
  • Real money

If you buy a larger ship, you can fill it with bigger items such as gemstone globes, vases, or religious statues such as pagodas and Buddha statues. 

Conclusion on Wealth Ships

Some Chinese riches ships already have merchants and sailors crafted on them, but if not, you should purchase these statues. You should ensure that at least one statue serves as the ship’s captain. As the ship’s captain, you can select statues of Feng Shui’s gods of wealth. 

It is advisable that you add new wealth objects on a regular basis to represent the continuous expansion of your luck. The wealth ship should not be stagnant. You should maintain a monthly habit of adding one coin or another item.

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