Choosing a Cryptohopper Review

Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading platform that’s aimed at the beginner trader. It combines artificial intelligence (AI) bots with an online community to offer a variety of trading services. They also offer a demo account that allows you to test out their features before making a purchase.

Behind the company

The company has been around for a little more than a year, but it has already grown to a community of over 400,000 traders. They support more than 1,000 crypto assets and offer several trading packages.

It comes with many useful features, like its mirror trading capabilities. You can set up your own trades, or let the automated bot do the work for you. Users can also add to their holdings at predetermined intervals to take advantage of a rebound in prices. Another useful feature is the possibility to chat with live agents.

One of the best things about the service is its UI. Unlike the complicated CFD platforms out there, the Cryptohopper interface is intuitive and easy to understand. With a single click, you can sign up, create a trading strategy, and get started in no time. There are plenty of resources on the website to help you along the way, including a glossary and a knowledge base.

It’s also worth noting that the platform supports a variety of other features, such as social trading. This is an attractive feature for beginners, as it enables them to interact with other traders.

The site also includes a number of tutorials. In particular, there’s a backtesting tool. This lets users simulate a strategy using historical data to see how it would perform. Using this information, you can tweak your trades to be more profitable.

When it comes to choosing a Cryptohopper review, the best advice is to try out the free version first. However, once you’re satisfied with the tool, it’s worth moving up to the next level. For example, the Explorer package offers a quadrupled number of triggers and TA enhancements. Also, the Hero and Adventurer packages provide more power and options.

There’s no shortage of Cryptohopper reviews out there. Most users give it a five-star rating. While not all of them are a perfect fit, the majority of them give the site a solid thumbs up.

The company’s website has a lot of resources to help you on your journey to profitability. Among these are a number of different tutorials and a marketplace to buy and sell strategies. Traders can even hire a third-party technical analyst for an extra fee to assist with their analysis.

Some more features

Some of the more impressive features include the ability to automate access to market data and placing short sales. These are all useful for both experienced and novice traders. Even better, the platform supports a range of popular cryptocurrencies, making it a great option for any trader.

Finally, the best part about the platform is its support for more than a dozen exchanges. A good place to start your journey is to check out the platform’s list of supported exchanges.

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