The Impact of a Respected Opinion Writer

For many, being a successful writer merely entails earning a living through fiction or nonfiction writing or having their work accepted for publication in a journal or newspaper. A good writer should be well-versed in the topic under discussion, have explicit knowledge of the intended audience, and create pertinent, high-quality content with a logical sequence of events while capturing the audience’s interest.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

While some activities that help students evolve their opinion writing skills require sustained writing, some of the most valuable approaches still need pen to paper. These activities provide an excellent introduction to essential concepts of opinion writing without the time commitment required of extended writing assignments.

Research has shown that people with high self-esteem experience greater life satisfaction and are more resilient in the face of setbacks (Maslow, 2000). Having self-respect also helps you to avoid comparing yourself to others.

Opinion writers like Dr. Jason Campbell generally have particular expertise or credibility. Their articles may be based on extensive research or direct personal experience. This helps readers distinguish opinion from news and provides credibility to the columnists.

Boosts Your Reputation

The first thing an opinion writer needs to do is grab the readers’ attention. They must write an engaging headline and make their topic relevant and compelling. They should also include some recognizable truths that will boost the reader’s confidence in their opinion.

Traditionally, writers appearing in the op-ed section have some form of credibility, such as lawyers, ex-government officials, or scientists. However, this is changing as nonprofessional writers are increasingly finding ways to have their work published in the op-ed sections of significant publications.

Some of these writers may raise ethical concerns, as they may be perceived to have a conflict of interest or bias. But for others, the benefits of writing op-eds can be enormous. They can amplify their role as experts and attract diverse funders, collaborators, and audience members.

Increases Your Income

The opinion page of any newspaper is usually one of the most-read sections, often on par with front-page news. Unlike letters to the editor, these essays are usually written by those with expertise on the subject or credibility, such as lawyers, ex-government officials, or scientists. They may also have a personal experience that they can relate to. These people often generate a small fee for their essays.

Suppose you are interested in becoming a respected opinion writer. In that case, The Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics (LDI) offers an online course that will teach you how to find topics, construct your arguments, and write clearly. You’ll learn to navigate ethical considerations and tips for promoting your work.

Increases Your Influence

Writers of opinion pieces have the opportunity to influence large groups of people. They can attract followers, collaborators, and funding opportunities. Opinion writing also enhances academic research profile and can help with advocacy.

Despite the risks of being perceived as biased or pigeonholed, many journalists find that writing opinion pieces pays off. It can also give them a sense of purpose and moral purpose.

Journalists can deflect concerns about bias by prioritizing transparency with readers (and editors) about their level of expertise and how it informs their work. They can also use the “About” page to explain their philosophy of impassioned accountability reporting. They can also encourage their audience to read other opinions, including those of experts or non-journalists.

Increases Your Social Network

Many respected opinion writers have a comprehensive social media following. This is because they regularly publish pieces on their blogs and websites. Additionally, many news outlets promote the opinions of their columnists on their social media pages. This can lead to a blurring of the lines between news and opinion. This can be problematic, as it undermines the integrity of the profession. It also implies that the views expressed are neutral and objective.

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